Purchase Your Gecko

You can browse listings in various marketplaces without connecting your wallet to the site. However, if you’d like to place a bid on a Gecko, or buy one at its asking price, you must first connect your wallet. Generally, there is a button at the top right hand corner of landing pages to connect. To do so, you must unlock your wallet via password and choose the wallet you want to use to make a purchase. Options are provided for all major Solana wallets.

The second step will be a prompt to allow permissions to view the contents of your wallet (both NFTs and token accounts) and request approval for transactions, should you choose to make a purchase or list an NFT for sale.

Once you have connected your wallet to the marketplace, you should be free to buy, sell, and bid on NFTs using the marketplace.

Once you initiate a transaction, you will be asked to approve the transaction via your wallet. If you are using a hot wallet, you will be able to approve the transaction directly within your browser. If you are using a cold wallet such as a Ledger, you will need to physically link your wallet to your computer, and follow the prompts on both the marketplace and on your device to make any transactions.

The following video, created by Magic Eden, explains how to buy an NFT on Magic Eden using a Phantom Wallet.